Points can be used to save you between 5% and 15% on offer purchases.

If for any reason you purchase an offer but fail to avail of it within its expiry date, you can claim 80% of that offer's value in Points.

Points can also be earned by taking up offers where Points are offered as part of the incentive to take up the offer.

Our Promise

  1. Cash refund within 14 days for unredeemed/unused vouchers
  2. 80% credit for unredeemed/unused vouchers unless stated otherwise in the terms and conditions - claim within 6 months of expiry - use to save from 5% to 15% on future offer purchases
  3. We only work with the best sellers
  4. Although your contract is with the seller, we are on your side, with the highest standards of customer care.
  5. We're Irish and committed to Irish jobs